Dog Bite Lawsuits in Las Vegas, NV

With many years of experience working with victims of personal injury, we have the knowledge and skills to settle a variety of personal injury cases. Our firm has historically seen great success as we’ve represented our clients and helped them achieve the justice they seek. Our settlements total over $50 million in our clients' favor.

Each year, thousands of people are victimized by dog bites. Bites that involve puncture wounds or other complications can traumatize victims; sometimes they even cause physical disfigurement.

Seeking counsel prior to filing this type of personal injury claim is essential to your case. Determining fault can be subjective and the compensation process might seem confusing, but a lawyer can help.

Call us today if you are a victim of a dog bite. Our attorneys in Las Vegas, NV can help you get the justice you deserve.

Eliminate Confusion About Filing a Claim

Each case involving a dog bite is different, which is why each case needs individual attention. After seeking medical attention for your injuries, discuss your case with a qualified attorney. He or she will help you determine liability and provide counsel for filing a claim. The amount you are awarded will depend on your damages.

It is important to seek legal counsel in all cases to ensure that you receive the full amount that you deserve. Insurance companies sometimes pay the bare minimum.

Our attorneys have the knowledge to bolster your claim and demonstrate your right for compensation. They will also help you navigate the complicated legal process to ensure the best resolution possible for your case.

Trust Tanner Law Firm

At Tanner Law Firm, we truly care for our clients and fight for justice. We have over a decade of experience settling a variety of personal injury cases. Our success has provided over $50 million to the clients we’ve helped. When you choose our firm, you choose a team with the title of Top 100 Trial Lawyers. You can trust our firm to settle your case.

Give us a call today to set up a consultation and let our attorneys handle your dog bite lawsuit in Las Vegas, NV.

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David A. Tanner founded the Tanner Law Firm as a place where clients could get legal representation that put the client's interests first. David has been practicing law for many years and during his career has represented hundreds of clients ranging from the largest corporations to individuals. David's experience as a former defense attorney gives him a unique understanding of how insurance companies and large corporations view lawsuits and injuries. David uses that insight and understanding to his clients' advantage to get them the results their case deserves. Most importantly, David understands that having the right attorney can make all the difference during a lawsuit.

David has also devoted his career to understanding the law and using it to his clients' advantage. His efforts have resulted in settlements and verdicts for his clients totaling over $50 million. David continues to strive to zealously represent his clients ethically and in a manner that is in his clients' best interests.

David attended Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas. After law school, he practiced in Dallas, Texas for a time, after which he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he has been practicing ever since. David enjoys representing many individuals in Nevada and looks forward to continuing to meet his future clients' needs.