Slip & Fall Cases

Hotels & Casinos

Hotels and casinos are everywhere in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Many people travel to Nevada as tourists, to attend conventions or for sporting events. Most hotels and casinos including multiple businesses within it such as restaurants, nightclubs, gambling areas, shopping and other attractions. It is important that all hotels and casinos are maintained so that people visiting there are safe from hazards. If you are hurt at a hotel or casino, we have the experience and expertise to help. Below are a few examples of conditions that can be dangerous at a hotel or casino.

Slip and Fall

Most people go into a hotel or casino to gamble, drink and be entertained. Because of this, alcohol and other liquids will inevitably end up on the floor. Whether you are injured because of liquid on the floor or the staff did not warn you after the floor was mopped, you may have a claim against the hotel or casino.

Trip Hazards

Hotels and casinos have flooring that can become loose, broken or create a hazard to you. Also, there are many carts, machines and other obstacles that may trip you. If you tripped and fall, you may have a claim against the hotel or casino.

Wet Floors

Hotels and casinos all have water features. From pools and ponds to fountains and aquariums, there is water everywhere. Also, water can get on the floor from spills, mopping or leaking fixtures such as a sink, shower or toilet. If a wet floor caused you to fall, you may have a claim against the hotel or casino.

Uneven Surfaces

Hotels and casinos have sidewalk ramps, stairs and other flooring surfaces that are uneven and can be dangerous. If the hotel or casino does not appropriately mark uneven walking surfaces or fails to fix a crack or break in the floor, it may cause you to fall. If this happens, you may have a claim against a hotel or casino.