Slip & Fall Cases

Parks, Neighborhood Sidewalks & Walking Trails

These venues include neighborhood parks, common areas or walking and biking trails. These areas and the equipment at them should be maintained, repaired and, if necessary, replaced. If not, they can be dangerous and cause injuries.

Cracks in the Sidewalks & Trails

Many neighborhoods have sidewalks, walking trails and other paths used for jogging, bicycling, skateboarding, riding scooters or just walking around. Tree roots, ground shifting and weather can all cause sidewalks and paths to become uneven or cracked. When uneven surfaces or cracks exist, it can cause serious injuries. If this has happened, please call us for help.

Playground Equipment

When children use the playground, they expect to have fun on the swings, slides and monkey bars. If this equipment, however, is not maintained, it can get old and break down. When this equipment fails, innocent children can be severely hurt. If this has happened, please call us for help.